Wur day 8: 17th July


Contributions? A man stopped to look at the poster asking for contributions to the zine. He used to make comics years ago. His father has just died. He looked after him for 15 years and hasn’t had time to do anything for himself. He stayed to write down some ideas for a comic and will come back tomorrow to finish it. Today could be the start of something new he said.

Community? I’ll tell you about community. A woman who saw the poster asking for stories of community came to talk to us. She moved to sheltered accommodation for older people 15 years ago hoping for a quiet safe place to live. An alcoholic lives next to her now and she and her husband are scared to go out there is no much noise and litter. She is angry. What are you going to do? You’ve got this big stall and you’re wanting to know about community. You’re not going to do anything.

A man came by with this wife and saw the Bradford Foodbank donations box. He asked about how he can get food from the foodbank. He works for the local council. He has been selling his possessions so they can buy food but they’re running out of things to sell.

A lady called Marie came in to look at the art on the walls.  Have you got any masterpieces then? She still has a Liverpool accent even though she left 60 years ago. See you later love.


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